Your Rights

It is important that you understand the authority given to the position of sheriff.  The sheriff is your most important ally in securing your constitutional rights.  The sheriff is a constitutionally elected official of the people, whereas police chiefs and all other law enforcement officials are at will employees of the city or state and carry out their directives. The county sheriff, being duly elected, has the power to deny enforcement of any federal, state or local laws that do not secure your rights.  I urge you to take this into consideration; can we really afford to have someone we can’t trust in this position?

I know it has been a rough couple of years, if we do nothing it will only get worse.  We have all seen things in Albany County that we expect in larger urban areas.  We have been affected by government overreach, which has ultimately restricted our abilities to conduct business, and our rights as citizens.  Some of you may feel frustrated and alone.  I assure you; you are not alone.  We can achieve great things, but we must first come together.


I take this pledge now:


     "If elected, I will be the guardian of the constitution for you, no matter your political party.  I will not stand by as our individual rights & freedoms are trampled, either by criminals or an overreaching government."