In order to make professional peace officers the administration has to cultivate an environment of encouragement and professionalism.  Training can be divided into two categories, basic and advanced.  All deputies should be receiving the same basic training and understand the departments mission statement or mantra.  The basic training must be relevant and of a standard higher than that set by the state as minimum standards.  Basic training should encompass all day to day tasks, job duties and all high liability areas.  Deputies with advanced skill sets in basic areas should be trained in a “train the trainer fashion” in order to certify them to conduct in house trainings to keep training costs low.

Advanced training should be tailored to each deputy’s unique skills, qualities and ambitions.  This is where professional peace officers are developed and each one attributes to a well-rounded department.  Deputies should meet with admin on a regular basis to discuss career development, select appropriate training's and be placed with a mentor who possesses the skills they wish to acquire.  This allows the office to develop a deep pool of quality applicants when an opportunity of advancement presents itself.

My goal as Sheriff will be to train our deputies to a level higher than any other department in the State of Wyoming.  My belief is that our community deserves skilled professionals to respond to their emergency situations and the high cost of providing anything less is too substantial.

Do to the recent mass exodus of deputies it is imperative that lateral hires are made to patrol and detention.  Many of the deputies who have recently left the Sheriff’s Office were senior deputies who also were trainers in various areas.  It is difficult to replace that experience.  I will work hard to recruit and hire the most qualified deputies to fill the gap and retain current deputies.