Meet Joel


I was born and raised in Wyoming, growing up in Saratoga.  I have lived in Albany County for 20 plus years, providing law enforcement services in various positions.  My wife and I chose Albany County to raise our family because we love the people here and the opportunities this community offers. We have been blessed with many great friendships, and our children are better people for being raised here. 


With over 20 years of Law Enforcement experience, both at the local and state level, I have the background needed to lead the Albany County Sheriff's Office as a professional organization.  While I am not the type of person interested in authority or title, I know this is my opportunity to provide much needed leadership to a struggling agency. Albany County is where I have chosen to raise my family and I am committed to providing a professional service to the residents of Albany County. 


If elected, I have a comprehensive plan to rebuild community relationships while providing adequate and professional police services for the citizens in Albany County.  Thank you for taking the time to visit my website.  Please feel free to reach out to me via the contact tab, or call me on my personal cell phone 307-761-2760.   

Leading with Integrity and Respect