Leadership has proven to be the Achilles heel of the Albany County Sheriff’s Office.  It is apparent that those with an agenda do not need to actually de-fund a department to bring it to its knees.  The same thing can be accomplished by appointing weak leadership.  I have spoken with credible sources and their message has been re-sounding.  No matter the issue discussed whether it be the mass exodus of deputies, the failure to hire, poor morale etc., poor leadership is always at the crux of the problem.  Administrators tend to think leadership comes from a fancy title or bars on your collar.  That is why they fail.  Rank has absolutely nothing to do with leadership.  Leadership has everything to do with caring about your men and women.  Wanting what is best for them, not necessarily the easiest, but what will benefit them and the agency in the future.  A leader is a coach, mentor and example of what is expected.  Holding themselves and the department to high standards because that is what can be achieved.

I have never been a title hungry person but I was born a leader.  I take pride in reaching for excellence and helping others achieve their goals along the way.  As a past field training officer, firearms instructor, detective and special response team team-leader I have always measured my success based on the success of those I have trained.  I will approach the sheriff’s office in the same manner.  In order for me and my mission to succeed every deputy will be encouraged to set a high standard of professionalism and will receive the administrative support needed to reach their goals.