High Liability Areas

Use of force

There is a direct correlation to the excessive use of force and the lack of training in defensive tactics, physical fitness and over reliance on tools.  Deputies with a strong officer presence and of good physical stature are statistically much less likely to have to resort to physical force to resolve a situation or use excessive force if a situation requires physical intervention.   Most agencies are only able to train defensive tactics to a minimum standard of 8 hours per year, not nearly enough for the average officer to become proficient let alone confident.  This results in an increased propensity of injury to both the suspect and officer and greatly increases the likely hood of a deadly force incident. It is my understanding that the ACSO currently trains Custody and Control only 4 hours per year and has recently lost both of their instructors.  Use of force training needs to be realistic, relevant and up to date.  I will evaluate the agencies current policies and practices and bring them up to current standards.  I will also develop incentive programs that will encourage and allow deputies to develop valuable skills and physical fitness to benefit their own well-being.

Every use of force incident will be documented and reviewed to make sure the use of force is consistent with case law and department policy.

Emergency Vehicle operation/ Pursuits

If there is anything I have learned in over 20 years of police work it is that driving extremely fast to an incident rarely changes the outcome. Rather, it puts the officer and the general public at risk un-proportional to the reward of arriving several seconds sooner.  As sheriff I will review the current policies pertaining to EVO and pursuits and amend them to current standards taking into account risks to the general public and the need to apprehend offenders.  I will obtain modern technology that would curtail the need for dangerous pursuits but still allow apprehension such as the deployment of a StarChase GPS tracking unit.

Every pursuit will be documented and reviewed to make sure the incident is consistent with case law and department policy.