Professional Experience

I always knew I wanted to be in a profession that would allow me to protect the innocent and help where I could.  I was hired by the Laramie Police Department in September of 2001.  During my 19 years of service with them, I served in the capacity of patrol officer, school resource officer, detective and special response team member, where I was voted by my fellow team members to serve as a team leader.  Over the course of 20 years, I have gained invaluable experience, received approximately 2,150 hours of law enforcement related training and held a Professional Peace Officer Certification since 2016.

I have been an instructor in several areas including child abuse investigations, firearms, field training officer, and livestock investigations.  In August of 2021 I was honored to present one of my past cases at the FBI Highway Serial Killings Initiative Conference in Arlington Texas. 

The most valuable experience I gained was in the criminal investigations division where I served in the capacity of detective.  It was there I was able to really grow not only as an investigator and leader, but as a person.  The work was challenging & often frustrating, but the impacts were huge.  This is where I became aware of the dark, ugly, and evil that exists in our world.  It is said that all that is needed for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.  That statement could not be more true.  I know. I have stared evil in the eye and shook its hand. 

During my time in investigations I was awarded with The VFW Post 14 District 6 Lawman of the year award, and a Department of Criminal Investigations Internet Crimes against Children commendation for the protection of children.  I successfully investigated and assisted in prosecution of a child sex abuse case resulting in a Wyoming Supreme Court decision on behalf of juvenile victims.  I am a strong advocate for the rights of victims, and holding prosecutors responsible.  I have a firm belief the only way to provide victims with adequate protection, is by providing adequately trained law enforcement capable of handling various investigations & situations. 

My experience working cold cases has shown me the consequences of inappropriate handling of investigations, and what a disservice it is not only to victims & their families, but also the community where the crime takes place. 

In my capacity as a detective, I was responsible for background investigations of peace officer applicants.  I know just how extensive a background investigation should be, and more importantly I understand the consequences of hiring someone not fit for the job.  If elected, hiring of the most qualified candidates is a priority.

I was hired as a criminal investigator with the Wyoming Livestock Board in 2020.  This position has helped me understand the needs of our stock growers, as it relates to law enforcement. As one of two criminal investigators with the board, sharing a jurisdiction of about 98 thousand square miles, I understand the importance of providing services to rural areas, management of resources and what it means to be spread thin.